The Company 

I started my company Mzanzi Blue in 2017. It was born out of my extensive knowledge gained as social media manager at 021 Magazine, Ratanga Junction, marketing coordinator at Community Chest and still currently the business and marketing director of Ayana/Afrika Ablaze.

With all four these companies I encountered great success but I also experienced negative outcomes from which I gained enormous insight and initiative. 

With every lesson learnt my career took a leap forward.

About the owner – Gino Solomon                                   

It is quite easy to get approval of what we do if we ask the people who are likely to tell us the nice things what we want to hear. 

We often avoid people who are critical of our work and we tend to edit out the bad so that we hear only what we want to hear. It has taken me a long time to not seek praise for what I do but to rather seek constructive criticism and to then work out how can I make it better?

This different approach to my work was hard work because my ferocious passion and intensity to achieve often immobilised my ability to see the other side and marketing I have learnt is all about constructing the other side into a status entity that can turn “silicon to gold.” 

The Inspiration

Climbing the slopes of Lion’s Head Mountain is the perfect metaphor for our success thus far.  Like life, Lions Head has many pathways to the top and each pathway is lined with different challenges and gritty struggles.

At times, we are often tempted to turn back when it gets to tough but we choose to persevere to the top with the single aim of witnessing some of the most awe-inspiring views on earth.  And it is in this extraordinary space that we’re inspired to break the bonds of mediocrity and strive to deliver the unthinkable and the impossible.

Our Pledge 

We want to simply deliver our best.  

We want to keep evolving, moving, innovating, refining and add to the contributions of those giants that came before us.